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Music Meadows Ranch, located in Westcliffe, Colorado, lies at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, part of the Crestone Group, a series of mountains reaching peaks of 14,000 feet. These natural wonders offer a breathtaking scenic view at any time of the day.


6076 County Road 119 • Westcliffe, CO 81252


(719) 783-2222

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1061 • Westcliffe, CO 81252


Q&A What rides do you offer?

We have several different options to choose from when it comes to rides. If we break it down for you most simply, we offer a 3-hour ride, two 4-hour rides with lunch included, and two different 5-hour rides with lunch included. What’s included, prices, start times and total times for the rides are explained here.

What does the All-Inclusive stay look like?

We customize our All-Inclusive Stays to each group that adventures with us. Whether you are wanting to live a cowboy life for a week, or you want to improve on your horsemanship, we will tailor your stay to fit your needs perfectly. There are perks to staying more than two nights though- check them out!

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Is the All-Inclusive stay all the lodging you offer?

No! We have a sweet deal each month for those of you that do not need to plan your stay too far ahead. If you book within 30 days of your reservation, you can book the house at more of an Air Bnb price and add on rides as you would like.  Check out our Spur of the Moment Getaway here.

What is the weight restriction for the rides?
or the horseback riding, the max weight is 265. However, we also have a max BMI (Body Mass Indexof 30 for the safety of our riders as well as our horses. We do have the right to refuse service if we feel you are not fit to ride based on these requirements. If you do not fall into this category, but are still interested in horses, our wonderful Wagon pulled by Mo & Jo would be a great fit for you! ~ Link to wagon
What does lunch look like on the ride?

It is a picnic with a burrito of sorts, fruits, veggies, a carb, pickles, homemade lemonade, and a delicious dessert. We can accommodate any food restriction. 

What does the food portion look like for the all inclusive stay?

Once you book with us, you will receive a follow up email where we will begin customizing your stay. Food is a big part of that! We will have 10 options of time-honored recipes for you to choose from. You will always receive plenty of food, an appetizer, a main course, and dessert. As well as homemade lemonade and tea.  We can accommodate for any food restriction.

Are there afternoon rides?

No, unfortunately the weather is too unpredictable in the afternoon to book rides.  It’s worth getting up early for these rides though.

Is there a discount for kids?

It would seem to make sense, however kids take more energy and attention that adults so there is no discounted rate for them. 

Can I bring my LQ trailer?

Yes you may! You will have to rent our the entire facility due to our privacy policy, but that leaves more room to invite your friends! Joining a wrangler on the ranch is a must for liability purposes, but you may find out that is an adventure all on it’s own! If your friend needs a horse, ask us about leasing a horse for the duration of the stay. 

Can I bring my own horse?

Yes of course! If you stay with us for an All-Inclusive stay, we can have a week focused on horsemanship, with challenges and exercises to build you and your horse’s confidence in each other. If you already have that and would like to focus on cattle handling, we will provide that as well. The best part is your horse stays for free! If you snag a Spur of the moment getaway, it will be $10/horse/night but you can join any rides or schedule one of your own!

What is the kids ride?

We charge $30/kid/hour to introduce them to horses. We teach them about safety briefly and get them on in the round-pen. We show them how to communicate with the horses with the reins and practice. It is very relaxed and in a controlled environment to ensure success. 

6076 County Road 119 Westcliffe, CO 81252