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All-Inclusive Ranch Vacations!

The song of the Meadow Lark greets you as you open your eyes. The sun is just peeking over the Wet Mountains calling you to a new day. Today you will go out and catch your horse, as you ready for a full day of sorting calf/cow pairs to move them to their summer pasture. You’re saddled along side your closest friends and family as you ride out. After a full day of riding and cattle management you head back to the ranch house where your dinner is prepared for you. After dinner you head out to watch the sun set over the Sangre De Christo mountains, and Music Pass while you soak in the wood-fired hot tub. Life, doesn’t get much better than this. This is no ordinary vacation, but an experience of a lifetime.

cowgirl on a horse moving cattle on the ranch at Music Meadows

The Most Private Guest Ranch Experience Out There

Keepin’ it Real on a True Working Ranch

Our passions are ranching, horses, and people. We are also a smaller operation than most guest ranches. This allows us to offer the personal attention to each guest and expertise that makes the difference.

We will dig deep with you and take you into the depths of True Horsemanship and Real Ranching 101. This is a rare opportunity to work alongside real ranchers to learn how we are keeping our heritage alive and evolving.

When you learn to master your horse, the magic only continues. Expect to learn honest and fair horsemanship and to build a truly unique bond with your horse that is indescribable. You’ll be yearning to continue growing that bond for years to come.

Because we only host one exclusive group at a time, we can focus soley on making sure you have the most authentic and exciting experience possible. We truly treasure the relationships we build with our guests and love to watch your confidence explode out here on the ranch.


The Ranch

You will be visiting a 4,000 acre working cattle ranch just outside of Westcliffe, Colorado. We have some of the darkest skies in the US (which means you will see an incredible amount of stars) and house tranquility here.

We have strong core values- true to our cowboy selves. Helping others, working hard, showing respect to people and animals alike, and always learning are just some of the values we believe in.

We only have one lodging facility on the WHOLE RANCH! What this means for your group is complete exclusivity to our facilities and full attention from our coaches.

cowgirl standing in front of a pool of water with a dog swimming in it and horses standing nearby
6 horses standing in a field at Music Meadows Ranch with mountains in the background

The Horses

We pride ourselves in having some of the most well trained horses you can find on a guest ranch. For your enjoyment and your safety, we spend countless hours training our horses as well as coaching each guest to ride them with true horsemanship for everyone’s benefit.

Not only do we care about how well behaved our animals are, we care deeply about their experience living here at Music Meadows Ranch. They get to graze and just be horses in the open meadows when they aren’t working. This allows them to practice their innate social structure with Herd Dynamics.

You will learn all about Herd Dynamics on your very first day so you can understand how important it is to practice being a good leader for your horse. Don’t worry if you show up knowing nothing, we are well equipped to help beginners and seasoned horseman alike.

The Ranch House

Originally a homestead in the late 1800s, rooms have been added on and it is now a cozy 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom Ranch House. There are beds for 8 people with a full kitchen and cozy fireplace in the living room to spend quality time around.

Although we encourage you to take some time away from the real world, we do have wifi for your use.

There is a wonderfully big yard with a fire pit, hammock, horseshoes, our new rustic hot tub, and the creek running through it.

Check out more details for the Ranch House here.

photo of the ranch house and surrounding trees and mountains at Music Meadows Ranch


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Summer is a time of abundance, full of sunshine, towering thunderheads, and wildflowers so thick you can see them for miles. The fields are lush, the creeks full, and warm days are followed by cool starry nights.

The winter months are as peaceful as they are beautiful. Take a break from your busy life among the snowy peaks, tawny pastures, and red willow limbs of the dormant high country.


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two cowgirls on horseback smiling and giving each other a high five at the Music Meadows Ranch

All of the Memories, None of the Stress
Our All Inclusive Ranch Vacations Have You Covered

Our 6 night, 7 day itineraries include about 5-6 hours a day with your wranglers. This time will be spent learning horsemanship, checking on our Sangre’s Best Beef Cattle, enjoying a picnic lunch, exploring the ranch and much more.

Your evenings are spent relaxing in one of the most breathtaking spots in Colorado. A complete 360 view of the mountains, stunning sunsets and countless stars. You can relax in the hammock under the big oak trees, fire up the hot tub, or light the cauldron. 

Your private chef will prepare your approved menu daily, using as much local and fresh options as possible. And of course our Sangre’s Best Beef! 

Your itinerary will compliment your personal horsemanship and adventure goals. Ensuring that this will be one of the best and most unique vacation experiences.

Our commitment to you;
We promise to source as much locally grown produce as possible. We promise our meats are ethically raised and processed giving you the best quality possible.

Our cleaners are hypoallergenic, biodegradable and proven safe for the environment and the ground water.
We are connected to all of creation and it is our promise that we care for all that we come in contact with. 


Start Planning Your "Ranch Vacation" Today!

We only offer 26 of Our One-of-a-Kind, 6 Night, All Inclusive, Summer Ranch Vacations and they go FAST. Be sure to head to the Ranch Vacations page to find out everything you’ll experience here at the ranch, and pick out which week works best for your family and friends. Bookings are now OPEN for 2024. 

Summer Vacations run May 1- Oct 31. Your stay is 6 Nights and 5 Days. Please choose your check in day on MONDAY! Cost is $2,750 per Guest (minimum of 4 guests or $11,000)

How to Reserve Your Stay – Plan Ahead!

1. Sign up for our Ranch Family Newsletter so you don’t miss the opening of reservations.

2. Reserve your spot before someone else does. Bookings are OPEN! If you have any questions, let’s talk here.

3. You’re all set! Time to start gathering up your cowboy/girl gear. We’ll be with you every step of the way to get prepared!

Are you super pumped about coming to the ranch and have some questions? Schedule a call (719-783-2222)or Email us at  ( for more details.


Planning Your Vacation

To receive your personalized ranch vacation quote or to book your Music Meadows Ranch package, please proceed to “Plan your Vacation”. Step 1 will let you select your desired number of nights at the ranch and state the number of guests in your party.

From there you can submit your inquiry. We will then email you a detailed quote, and you will be able to book your ranch vacation!

By selecting your package you are not saving or reserving any package or cabins. To reserve your package, you will need to pay your deposit from the “Book this package” option in your cart once you have been sent a quote.

At Music Meadows Ranch, we thrive to provide excellent service, so please feel free to contact us anytime at or 719-783-2222 .

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Music Meadows Ranch at Sunset with a trees, mountains, and a tipi

Our Music Meadows Magic

Located in the heart of colorful Colorado at an elevation of 8,000 feet, Music Meadows Ranch is an authentic working cattle ranch.

We are geared for sharing our lifestyle and educating our guests, every season, with only one small group or family at a time (four-eight people). 

In addition to warm western hospitality and homemade meals, you will receive a highly curated experience learning about and enjoying various aspects of horsemanship and the ranching life first-hand.

Except for activities related to ranch operations, you and your small group will have the entire place yourselves staying in the three-bedroom/two-bath ranch house, the only dwelling on the whole ranch!

“Music Meadows Ranch is an authentic, working cattle and horse ranch that could very well change your life. I met Elin in 1996 and can testify to the fact that she is the real thing; a real working cowgirl. She “ranches” for a living, a glorious, strenuous and demanding living. Music Meadows is not a dude ranch you visit, then go back to your life and forget. If you want to experience a lifestyle not often understood, then make every effort to get here. You will work honest and hard, acquire unexpected knowledge of yourself, and thank God for the experience.”

"Nicole was in charge of our rides and she was amazing. The girls hadn’t ridden so they got instruction for three days on our fabulous rides! Priceless! By day three they were comfortable with their horses and in control of them. They learned to trot and some canter. Dallas also rode with us and she was a big help and very nice. No head to tail at this ranch. We were encouraged to guide our own horse and spread out within reasonable distance of each other. By the time we left, the girls had so bonded with their horses that they cried to leave them. We had to say goodbye to them three times over the final twelve hours! I learned what “a girl and her horse” is all about. We’ll be back and back and back. Five stars plus!”

“Is a 5-star rating all I can give? It is so much more! Our family will never forget the week we spent at Music Meadows Ranch. The grandkids (5) still talk about working on the ranch. They learned many things from Elin and Rhoda that has been beneficial on our cattle farm since we were there. Sharing meals around the table was like being with family. There was something special for all the family to enjoy for ages 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 41, 46, and two 74 years old.”

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