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Elin Parker Ganschow


Two Day Confidence Building Clinic for Horse and Rider

  • Learn to be the leader your horse is looking for.
  • Learn how to stay safe while always finishing what you start with your horse.

Be one of only four attendees for a one of a kind opportunity to improve your horsemanship this winter and spring.  Join lifelong horsewoman and rancher Elin Parker Ganschow in Westcliffe, Colorado to problem solve and build the confidence of both you and your horse with her patient and expert guidance. 

Learn the fundamentals of horse psychology and behavior to understand what your horse is telling you while also learning different ways to communicate what you are asking of your animal. Choose among six clinics this January through May at a beautiful indoor heated arena which ensures we can work no matter the weather conditions. Imagine you and your horse being fully ready to hit the summer trails this year… what a great thought!  Come join us in this mission to create such a beautiful understanding between horses and their handlers.  

2020 Clinic Dates

Jan. 31 – Feb. 1
Feb. 28 – 29 (Booked up)
March 13 – 14

April 3 – 4
May 1 – 2
May 22 – 23
No bookings available
500.00 for 2-Day clinic
(If you bring own horse, there is an extra 25.00 per horse, per night)
If you bring your own horse, Require Coggins and Health Certificate are required

“Elin can help you…”

“If you are frustrated with what to do about your horse’s behavior problems, and feel like your horse has the upper hand, you will be amazed with how Elin can help you. She has the ability, knowledge and persistence to show you and teach you step-by-step, a full-proof method of gaining full respect from your horse. She does this in a very hands-on, positive way. You will come away having a new-found confidence in working with your horse, and your horse will have a new-found respect for you.”

Debbie W.

Follow Up Practice Clinics

‘Practice makes progress’, so be sure to join subsequent clinics at a reduced price, for one or two days to practice what you’ve learned. Work independently but in sync with the clinic flow and Elin’s coaches will assist you as needed as she focuses her attention on the primary attendees. The number of participants for the Practice option are limited to four.

Auditors are welcome for a small fee to include lunch. Call us directly to join the auditory student group.

Elin’s Guarantee:

Increased confidence for you and your horse (or for you and our horse) or the next clinic is FREE as reflected by the “before and after” comparison of ability.


The more horses you handle and ride the better horseman you will become. Subsequently the methods you learn working with our horses will better equip you to train your own horse.  Elin has a lifetime of practical horsemanship, partnering with her horses, to get the ranch work done. Along the way she has competed in college polo, local rodeos – roping, racing and pole bending. 

However, being a rider does not make one a trainer or even a horseman necessarily.  Elin had the opportunity to learn training principles and techniques from professionals starting in 2008. She became involved in participating, hosting, and studying numerous clinics from several different professional horse trainers. In this way, she has been able to collect the best information from each and develop “Elin’s Method” as an attendee from one of our first clinics would say. She has developed a passion about the necessity of every rider to understand ground training and master the basics so they can be safe and have more fun with their horses.

Elin is a natural born teacher as well.  Since 2012 she has headed up a youth mentoring horsemanship program.  She and her crew have taught countless ranch guests to ride and work cattle since 1995.  She gets a buzz of personal satisfaction to see people learn to communicate with the horse and is really good at helping to make that happen. 

You will appreciate Elin’s confidence, patience and humility.  A lifelong learner, she can go from the role of teacher to student in a heart-beat depending on what is happening, who is contributing, or what the horse is teaching her.


Come on Up!

Music Meadows Ranch, located in Westcliffe, Colorado, lies at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, part of the Crestone Group, a series of mountains reaching peaks of 14,000 feet. These natural wonders offer a breathtaking scenic view at any time of the day.





6076 County Road 119
Westcliffe, CO 81252

6076 Co Rd 119, Westcliffe, CO 81252, USA