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Short Week / 3 night - 2 Day / May 1 - October 31

MINIMUM OF FOUR GUESTS per Booking:  contact us to learn about our Maverick Week if you need a group!

Join us at Music Meadows Ranch to immerse yourself in the intriguing, old-western lifestyle of a rancher ang get away from the hustle and bustle of life during this exclusively PRIVATE stay. Experience the joy of contributing to real and necessary tasks around the ranch, including gentle cattle care & sorting, true horsemanship, and much more. Build genuine relationships with your coach and create memories for your family that will last a lifetime. Enjoy a different perspective during your stay on our working cattle ranch. This is more than a vacation, this is an experience you will never forget. 

  • 3 nights & 2 days
  • All activities, lodging, and meals included
  • 8am-2pm each day
  • Price is per person
  • Max BMI 30 with Max weight 265lbs

Looking for a longer stay? Check out our 5 night, 6 day stay. Have a larger group than 6? Contact us directly to check availability. 

Become a Rancher

Have you have ever wanted to know what a typical day in an authentic rancher’s life looks like? Wake up to a hearty breakfast and enjoy your coffee on the back porch as you watch the horses come in for their day's work. Meet your coach at the barn where she will teach you to catch your own ranch horse for the stay, saddle up, and ride with clear communication and confidence. Use these new-found skills as you find the herd and move them to the next pasture needing to be grazed.  Be involved in essential tasks for the ranch like bringing salt and mineral to the herds, checking fence, and irrigating the meadows. When your activities are done for the day, practice roping with or without some coaching on our very own roping dummy hand-crafted by Elin's dear brother, Billy, soak in the creek bubbling through the yard, or play some family games like horseshoes while you are waiting for your made-from-scratch dinner to be made. Have a bonfire with your family into the night until the stars come out and you can lay on in the grass finding the constellations of the Milky Way.  



When you choose this stay, you can be assured you will leave with more knowledge than you arrived with. We will take the time to share the how's and why's of operating our working cattle ranch, from the rotational grazing practices to ensure regenerative growth in our pastures, to cattle handling, care, and training to ensure the cattle stay stress free while they are here on the ranch. Learn about water movement with our new irrigation systems as well as fencing as desired. Join us on this authentic western adventure and practice real and necessary ranch skills that are guaranteed to teach you things about yourself you can carry into your life off the ranch. 

Lisa Frank

“Music Meadows Ranch is an authentic, working cattle and horse ranch that could very well change your life. I met Elin in 1996 and can testify to the fact that she is the real thing; a real working cowgirl. She “ranches” for a living, a glorious, strenuous and demanding living. Music Meadows is not a dude ranch you visit, then go back to your life and forget. If you want to experience a lifestyle not often understood, then make every effort to get here. You will work honest and hard, acquire unexpected knowledge of yourself, and thank God for the experience.”

Maggie Dow 

"We went for a girls trip ages from 16 -70 ! Absolute blast for all !
Hiking , horses , swimming , watching cattle roam , bon fires ! Something for everyone!
The ranch house has everything you need , Elin is an amazing host and rancher ! We felt like we were staying with family ! Love this place and the memories we made there"

Vanessa Entz

"We had a great experience here at the Music Meadows Ranch. Elin is a wonderful teacher and host when it comes to horseback riding and making you feel at home. The stars, sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking and her selection of beef, brats, and jerky are to die for. Thank you for giving people the opportunity to get a way from the hustle and bustle of life in the city and exchange it (briefly as it is) for a taste of a slower, more rustic way of life."

The Ranch House


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