Our Horses

Ranch life for our horses is pretty good, we think (and are pretty sure they’d agree!).  It is truly remarkable that the horse has been so well engineered to thrive in wild-like conditions, even though they have been a fully domesticated partner to humans for thousands of years.

Most of our guests are surprised to learn that the Music Meadows herd lives out in our huge ranch pastures almost completely on their own.  But the reality is that horses evolved over thousands of years to wander large swaths of land. Their digestive systems function best when they’re grazing 18 to 20 hours out of every day, slowly adding forage at a steady trickle and keeping that gut healthy. They’re also socially happiest when living in a herd with other horses, keeping their stress levels low and their boredom to almost nothing.


​In the summer we provide them with free choice salt and a custom mineral blend made precisely to compensate for any lack found in the forages of the ranch.  We have several streams running through as well as stock ponds and stock tanks, and the grasses and forage are more than enough to keep them glossy and at a perfect weight even with all the work they’re doing around the ranch safely carrying guests and working cattle. You may have heard that horses that are turned out for more time than they are ridden can backslide in their training, manners, and reliability. This is true, but the ongoing training programs here at Music Meadows Ranch have produced a solid set of horses.  One thing our guests can be assured of is that we trust our horses with every rider.

In the winter the herd grazes on dormant grasses, pawing through the snow to reach it when necessary.  Supplemental feeding of hay is only needed if the snow is quite deep, and typically a big wind follows our snow storms, which I think is nature’s way of opening up the range for the animals to forage. We also provide a supplement for the winter months called Sweet Pro (create a link to sweetpro.com).  It is a solid block made from the fermented byproduct of the ethanol plants.  They gnaw and lick on and in the process they get probiotics, enzymes, protein, salt, and minerals, which allows them to digest 25% more of the forage consumed, which really helps them stay very healthy even on winter pasture. If you haven’t ridden during the winter, you’re missing out on a very special experience. (Check out the winter riding video on our home page!) The quiet and stillness of winter is a special thing, and to ride through the snow on a warm horse with the jagged peaks of the wild mountains rising into the blue sky is something you’ll never forget. Join us!



Lilly is a wonderful addition to our herd. Originally a rescue, this special donkey has proven her place on the ranch as invaluable. She adores being petted by everyone, especially small children. You don’t want to miss your opportunity to hang out in the yard with this sweet girl.


Amy was used as a 4-H horse for many years. When her owner grew up, Amy wasn’t getting used as much as she should be. Her owner decided Music Meadows was the best place for her. We have gotten her back into the swing of things and she is the sassiest sweetheart you’ll ever meet. Who doesn’t love a little sass? She is one of the best trained horses that we have in our herd and we are glad we are able to give her a job.


Rusty is one of our most reliable horses. His spirit is honest and gentle. He is a retired rodeo horse, but while his owner is off to college, he is enjoying his life on the ranch. His heart of gold and smaller build is perfect to teach young adults or children real horsemanship. We are so lucky to have Rusty on our team.


Sleeper joined us with a group of horses in 2011 as a 2 year old. She is a half sibling to Patches and while they both have the common trait of being lazy, don’t let Sleeper fool you! This girl is smooth as glass and really energetic if asked to work. She loves young girls, especially her owner, Brooke. Brooke is one of our guides and she loves competing in barrel racing and other 4-H activities with Sleeper. If you’re up for adventure, Sleeper won’t let you down!


Skeeter was bought from a friend back in 2012. This big painted gelding is really fun to ride. He is a very honest horse and is willing to listen to anyone that has the potential to be a good leader. He takes care of children that ride him, all the way up to our eldest riders. He has the qualities of a good leader and that is why our staff and our herd trusts him. Skeeter will not let you down. He now belongs to one of our guides, Grace, but remains in the herd year round.


Gabe belongs to Rhoda, our ranch manager. This guy is so sweet and will walk right up to you to be caught. He is a hard working horse that is very rhythmic. Watch out! His favorite thing to do is hop across the creeks despite our best efforts to get him to walk through. It is pretty fun to ride though, especially if you are up for the adventure. You are sure to have a fun ride with Gabe and his high enthusiasm to work.


Jo is part of our wagon and sleigh team, and while he loves working beside his brother, Mo, Jo also enjoys taking everyone for rides. He is a hard worker and will take you anywhere you want to go. Jo is more reserved than his brother personality wise, but his luscious hair makes up for it. Come enjoy the ride with Jo!


Mo and his brother Jo were originally our wagon and sleigh pulling team. While they still pull our wagon, Mo has stepped up to the plate under saddle as well. This spirited boy will not let you down when it comes to personality. You are sure to have a memorable ride if you ride Mo, with lots of guaranteed laughs as he communicates with you in only the way horses can.


Daisy was given to us a gift from someone who could no longer use her. This sweet appaloosa has found her home at our ranch. Every summer, amazing yellow spots show up on her rear end. This little white horse does her best to keep you on your toes, with just the right amount of sass and she always looks forward to sunbathing in her time off.


Chaps is the tallest and goofiest horse on the ranch! This big guy is handy and is very good at teaching guests horsemanship. He is a go-getter and enjoys learning new things! If you are an adventurer, Chaps would be a great match for you.


Babe came here with her sons in 2011. Her sons were not a good match for our program, but there was just something about Babe that we could not let go of. She has grown and matured into the sweetest of horses and now takes care of the littlest riders that come to visit. She is our irreplaceable kids horse. You can count on her kind nature and willing attitude to mind anyone, big or small, that mounts her.


Patches, came to the ranch around 2011 as a two year old. You can tell him apart by the white patches on his belly. We started training him the next summer and have been able to watch him grow from a scrawny, lanky teenager to the beautiful, buff horse he is today. He has such a gentle demeanor and is a great horse to practice horsemanship on. This gentle giant is a great asset to our herd.


Rocky is the original horse of Music Meadows. He is the owner, Elin’s, personal horse which makes him very special to our herd. He has helped build this program and remains a true leader among the other horses. You can count on Rocky to always do his best to take care of whoever is on his back.

Come on Up!

Music Meadows Ranch, located in Westcliffe, Colorado, lies at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, part of the Crestone Group, a series of mountains reaching peaks of 14,000 feet. These natural wonders offer a breathtaking scenic view at any time of the day.





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