Your horseback riding dream!

We offer small party, private rides.

Range Ride 101 – $125/person

Start Time: 9 am        Total Time: 3 hours

Best ride for age 10 and under or those looking for about two hours of saddle time, after one hour of learning to saddle & ride before we head out.  This scenic ride gives you enough time to get the hang of your horse and test yourself a bit if riding is new to you or you are not sure how your body will do.

Picnic Ride – $150/person

Start Time : 9 am        Total Time: 4 hours

Think ‘Range Ride 101 plus a picnic’ – a great idea!!  Shade up near a creek for a relaxing picnic and a chance to visit with your guide while the horses happily munch grass nearby.  Great choice for those with kids!

Rancher’s Ride – $175/person 

Start Time : 8am        Total Time: 5 hours

This ride is for you if you’d like the fun challenge of learning how to handle cattle with your horse while learning about cattle ranching.  Saddle time is at least three hours and sometimes more depending on the job at hand. Food is a welcome break and a satisfying breakfast is included if we start at dawn, or a picnic if you choose a later start.  Best for kids over 10 depending on the kid 🙂

Crystal Falls Ride – $175/person SUMMER ONLY 

Start Time :  8am        Total time: 5 hours

Crystal Falls is a gem on public land just above the ranch boundary.  Plan on about three hours of saddle time plus a picnic to enjoy this very scenic ride. Don’t forget about the one hour of learning to saddle and ride before you go! Best for kids over 10, depending on the kid 🙂

Lil’ Britches Ride- $50/kid


Start Time : 2pm        Total Time: 1 hour

This is a special ride for kids not quite ready for a “big” ride. Two to six year-olds are welcome to join this afternoon lesson. Short and sweet, this ride is perfect to introduce kids to horses so they can join the rest of the family your next “big” ride out. 

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• Minimum of two per party or single must pay 2x
• By reservation only
• No reduced pricing for children or large groups
• Groups of 8 or less (call about large group options).
• Weight Limits:  BMI must be less than Obese(30) with a max weight of 265.


“I am in LOVE!”

“I am in LOVE! Everything here is a breath of fresh air. I just love how cozy and welcoming the house is as well as the owner. This is a great escape from the hustle and bustle. I am definitely taking it all in. The land/surroundings are beautiful. The horses running over the horizon is the sight to see! Come check it out for yourself! ??
Thoughtful amenities · Spacious rooms · Historic building”

– Patricia Roberts (December 2018)

“Highly Recommended”

“I especially enjoyed the opportunity to understand how the horse thinks and why they react as they do. Lots of new knowledge gained! One of my biggest takeaways was “whoever moves her feet first loses” and the concept of the horse respecting your personal space — key for your own safety! “

– Liz C.

No ‘head-to-tail’ rides here!

Our signature pre-ride routine with hands on coaching is what sets this experience apart for our guests from the get-go.  With our help, you get to brush and saddle your horse followed by learning to handle the reins and how to ride before getting on.  This rich segment of your ride takes and hour or a little more. We will saddle in advance for children and anyone who prefers not to saddle.

Riding the range over one of the most beautiful western landscapes to be found on a well matched and well-trained ranch horse is kind of a big deal!  Add cattle work to the mix and it gets you right into living that cowboy or cowgirl dream. Horseback riding is the centerpiece of action and adventure at this working ranch. With age appropriate rides available for children as young as four and for anyone else who can climb up and swing a leg over, you are sure to have the time of your life!
If you are ready and able to get-up and go, the terrain allows for plenty of trotting and loping while others may be content at a walk. Ideal for the veteran rider and beginner alike you will be encouraged to ride ‘up to’ your potential. Regardless of how much or how little skill you bring to the ranch you will leave with more… guaranteed! For kids three and under, and anyone who prefers a comfortable bench seat to a saddle, we have a great wagon or sleigh ride for as many as eight passengers. This experience is pulled by Mo & Jo, our beautiful team.  If you’d like to help hitch and learn to drive the team, just ask! 

Wagon & Sled Rides

Cost: $250 for first two riders, $30 for riders 3-8        Total Time: 2 hours

Add a picnic and cost is $300 for first two riders, and $50 for riders 3-8        Total Time: 3 hours

If horseback riding is not for you, the team and  wagon is a wonderful alternative!  If part of your group wants to ride, the others in your group can take the wagon on a different route and rendezvous with the riders for the picnic.  You will fall in love with Mo and Jo, our trusty draft horses who love their job! They are so beautiful to watch.  The wagon has three cushy seats and can handle 8 adults.​ 

When we get a nice ground covering snow we convert the wagon to a sleigh and add the jingle bells. This magical experience will also include hot chocolate and a toasty warm fire along the way.  A picnic may be added, and is encouraged year-round. You’ll be amazed at the memories you will create. The more the merrier on this special experience.

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Winter Rides

From November through April, the rides that normally include food will now also allow you to knock off  the chill of winter by gathering around and making a toasty bonfire out on the ride (provided we are not experiencing a fire ban). Hot chocolate or alternate hot beverage is always included.  

• Winter:  No cattle in the winter but the extra saddle time allows you to see more of the ranch’s unique and stunning landscape.

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“Amazing & Therapeutic!”

“This place is amazing & therapeutic! I loved the well-trained horses “ mo & joe” they were fantastic to ride. (All of the horses are trained very well) The owner is a gift from God. She’s compassionate and very knowledgeable. We enjoyed our time here and the beef jerky was delicious!!! We will definitely be back!!!”

– Mindy Ging (May 2018)

Come on Up!

Music Meadows Ranch, located in Westcliffe, Colorado, lies at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, part of the Crestone Group, a series of mountains reaching peaks of 14,000 feet. These natural wonders offer a breathtaking scenic view at any time of the day.





6076 County Road 119
Westcliffe, CO 81252

6076 Co Rd 119, Westcliffe, CO 81252, USA