Winter at Music Meadows – High Mountain Solitude

Winter at Music Meadows – High Mountain Solitude

Moon over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

There’s a magic to winter in Westcliffe, Colorado that is often overlooked. The beauty of blindingly white snow on a bluebird day; glimpses of a hunting fox or an eagle soaring over jagged peaks; the patterns of ice in a creek; cozy, quiet nights snuggled up by a fire.

Most people think of skiing as the quintessential Colorado winter activity, but there’s so much more to this season than sitting in traffic on I-70 and fighting lift lines. While we love skiing too, life on the range has taught us to appreciate everything else this season has to offer.

Here at Music Meadows, our thoughts revolve around seasons, which is perfectly natural to the rhythms of a working cattle ranch. Happily, it also helps us to communicate what you’re missing if you’re only visiting us during the summer months! Music Meadows Ranch is the perfect Colorado winter guest ranch.

While many in the Colorado hospitality industry think in regards of “peak” season and “off-season,” we have banished such talk because we see what others don’t. You’ll never guess how much there is to do in a Colorado winter!

Creative Activities

Herding Cattle – Winter at Music Meadows

Whether your art involves a camera, a canvas, or a blank page, winter presents boundless opportunities to create. From the micro level of a single snowflake balanced on a fence post to the grandeur of the San de Cristo mountain’s fourteen-thousand-foot snow covered peaks soaring into the sky, inspiration is everywhere. The solitude of this slower paced season encourages you to step back, look inside yourself, and breathe in the beauty of winter.

If you enjoy art, photography, writing, reading, thinking, meditating, cooking, baking or connecting with the one you love, we’re your Colorado winter getaway.

It’s not all Contemplation

Horseback Riding at Music Meadows Ranch

For all you activity hounds out there who are already feeling itchy at the thought of all that quiet, we’ve got plenty to wear you out. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, high mountain hiking, winter mountain climbing, ice fishing, and of course, winter horseback riding. There’s nothing quite like riding a horse through our snow-covered landscape, followed by lunch cooked over a roaring fire.

Star Gazing

Milky Way in Great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado
Milky Way

Our night skies deserve a special mention. Here in the Wet Mountain Valley, we are an accredited Dark Skies Community, and while the starry view is spectacular any time of the year, the cold of winter brings an incredible crispness and clarity to the Milky Way.

Winter at Music Meadows: Things We Can Promise, and Things We Cannot

For us, ‘winter’ is November through April. Our location in the high country of South Central Colorado brings us radical swings in weather throughout these months. Temperatures can range from lows of 30 below F to highs of 60 above. Winds can range from virtually still too well over 50 mph. Snow cover at the ranch can vary from none to a foot or two. Following a good ground blizzard, beautiful snowdrifts appear that look like a chef’s prize meringue. Memorable storms of four feet of snow at a time have only occurred twice in the past 25 years.

Promised features include:

A good wood burning stove with wood and coal handy; an old Viking Range that works even if the electricity goes down (rare ☺); a Vermont Castings propane stove in the dining/game room that also works if the electricity goes down (vital if you draw that card ☺); lanterns, extra water… You got it! Note: Loss of electric power is rare but not out of the realm of possibilities, FYI. We will plow for you to get in, and we will plow for you to get you out (we can only hope for that much snow ☺). High-speed broadband internet (rarely goes down); lots of books; games and playing cards; a well-stocked ‘basics’ pantry and fridge; a well-stocked freezer of Sangres Best Free Range Beef. A stunning vista in every direction; an amazing dark sky; solitude; quiet (other than coyotes or the wind howling). At least one friendly barn cat!

Potentials we cannot promise, i.e. weather dependent:

Winter horseback riding – this is a great treat! Wind speeds over 20 mph depending on temp or a storm in progress are the show stoppers for this fantastic activity. Otherwise, we can handle below zero temps if adequately dressed. If horseback riding is a high priority for you, we can arrange a “backup option” at a first-rate indoor arena 30 minutes from the ranch. If your group needs more living space, we can recommend good options so your planning sessions can still happen at Music Meadows. Horse-drawn sleigh – we have a new beautiful Haflinger team named Mo and Joe. The wagon/sleigh convertible is on order and expected soon. Can’t wait to share this activity! Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice skating – bring your own equipment. Winter walks – for those open ground times during the winter. Explore town gift shops – dinner out. Worship with the local Church on Sunday. As I am sure you can tell, we are very excited about what we have to offer you during Music Meadows – Winter Season!

Celebrate the Holidays With An Exclusive Stay at Music Meadows

Christmas is already booked for 2018. So, you could wait until Christmas 2019 or you could join us now. Thanksgiving and select days in the month of December, January and February are still available. Call (719) 783-2222 for availability and to book your stay. What are we offering? An exclusive and all-inclusive 3 days and 2 nights for a family or group of four for only $395 per person. What do we mean by all-inclusive? It includes all meals, horseback riding and the stay in our cabin. Book for Thanksgiving Day and we will include a Holiday Feast with this holiday special. Want to include more friends and family? Add up to five more people and only pay half price per person! Children four and under are free. Offer is subject to change and based on availability.