Winter at Music Meadows Ranch

Winter at Music Meadows Ranch

Winter started slowly here at Music Meadows this year. It was warm, dry, and frankly making us a little nervous. A working cattle ranch is nothing without thriving pastures and meadows, and those pastures and meadows can’t thrive without water. Winter is the time when we “bank” moisture for the coming year. Our groundwater resources replenish with the melting of the snow, and the high country stores life-giving water in the form of the form of deep snowfall that melts slowly throughout the spring and early summer, running off into the streams and creeks and ditches that flow through the ranch and sustain not only healthy pastures, but the healthy free ranging cattle that the ranching side of our business relies on.

Luckily, what started out looking rather drought-like, changed in the latter part of January and early February with several good storms that fell on the ranch and mountains, taking our snowpack up to average levels and giving us a good sigh of relief. That’s Colorado for you – winter can encompass a lot of different kinds of weather. A few weeks ago we were leading a small group of range riders through foot-deep snow under the dramatic backdrop of jagged peaks. Today, we’re out on the ranch with a visiting videographer watching him produce a music video for a British singer/songwriter in 60 degree weather.

Our location in the high country of South Central Colorado brings us radical swings in winter weather. Temperatures can range from lows of 30 below F to highs of 60 above. Winds can be virtually still one day and well over 50 mph the next. Snow cover at the ranch can vary from none to several feet. Following a good ground blizzard beautiful snowdrifts appear that look like a chef’s prize merengue.

If you’ve only visited us during the warmer months, you’re missing out on everything that a Colorado winter has to offer. There’s a specialness to winter that is often overlooked. The beauty of blindingly white snow on a bluebird day; glimpses of a hunting fox or an eagle soaring over jagged peaks; the patterns of ice in a creek; cozy, quiet nights snuggled up by a fire. The pace is slower, encouraging us to look around, take it all in.

Whether your art involves a camera, a canvas, or a blank page, winter presents boundless opportunities to create, and for all you activity hounds out there who are feeling itchy at the thought of all that quiet, there’s plenty to wear you out, from snowshoeing to winter climbing and of course, horseback riding. Wander outside after dark and you’ll experience a true treasure. Our night skies are spectacular in the summer. In the winter, when the cold brings a crystalline clarity to the air, they are truly jaw dropping.

While we’re tempted to keep all this beauty and adventure to ourselves, it only gets better when we get to share it with you, our guests. If you’re looking for a Colorado winter getaway that doesn’t involve parking lot traffic on I-70 and really long lift lines, come to Music Meadows Ranch.

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